Indoor Rowing Event
Saturday February 24th, 2018
Chicago State University

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  Jacoby Dickens Center   Public Transportation
  9501 S. King Drive   Metra Electric ME Train
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REGATTA MASTER - Athlete Seating & Race Schedule

Personal Record Challenge
Open to All

Open Challenge
Collegiate & Clubs

Junior Challenge
High Schools

Middle School Challenge
Grades 6, 7 and 8

Cross-T Challenge
Cross Training & Fitness

Dragon/Paddling Challenge
All Paddling Clubs

Mind Committed • Body Ready
Racing has been re-organized to maximize the numbers of shattered personal records. We are now ranking and racing everyone in groups based solely on projected times - medals to then be awarded by category after the dust has settled.  The main groups are Masters, College and Juniors. Rock up with your goal in mind - CIRC is here to help you smash it.

Ways to Compete

Individuals can compete in the following events according to age group, sex and weight status.

10,000 meter (10K)
2,000 meter (2K)
1,000 meter Coxswain (1K)
500 meter Middle School
500 meter Sprint
$7,500 Personal Best Challenge (see rules)

Adaptive Competitors can compete in the following events according to age, sex, disability and competitive

2,000 meter Adaptive (2K)
1,000 meter Adaptive Novice (1K)

Middle School, High School, Collegiate Teams, Fitness & Club Teams can compete in one or more of these Team events according to relevant rules.

Open Challenge: See Rules
Junior Challenge: See Rules
Dragon/Paddling Challenge See Rules
Cross-T Challenge See Rules

Team Cap Fee

Collegiate/JuniorTeams = $650
Open Teams = $880
Middle School = $255
The Cap encourages teams to send as many competitors as possible. Once your team reaches the Cap Fee (26 members for Schools: 25 for Open), the cost of additional team members is zero.
School Example: $25/member.
If you have 10 members, the cost is $250; if 26 members, the cost is $650; if 50 members, the cost is $650.
Open Example: $40/member.
If 10 members, the cost is $400; if 22 members, the cost is $880; if 50 members, the cost is $880.


Winner-Takes-All Medals awarded to the fastest time in the following events:

10,000 meter by age/weight/sex
2,000 meter by Event
1,000 meter by Event
500 meter Sprint by age/weight/sex
Open and Junior Relay: each member of the fastest Relay Team
CT Challenge Relay: each member of the fastest Relay Team
CT Quad 1,000 meter: each member of the fastest Quad
500 Middle-School: Gold, Silver & Bronze medals are awarded by grade/sex

Special Awards

Open Challenge
Junior Challenge
CT Challenge
Dragon/Paddling Challenge
Personal Best & Challenge

Age/Categories Definitions

Veteran 50 yrs.+ subdivided by 5 year increments if 3 or more competitors
Senior 40 yrs.+
Masters 30 yrs.+
Collegiate 24 yrs and under (or collegiate crew)
Open 18+ non-collegiate
Junior / Youth 18 yrs. and under (or in High School)
Middle School 6th through 8th grade

Rower Weight Classes (Not applicable for Adaptive).

Lightweight men are 165.0 pounds or less; Lightweight Women are 135.0 pounds or less on the day of the event. Weigh-in will be required to participate in a Light-weight division. Coxswains must be 130.0 pounds or less; same for men and women. Lightweight weigh-in is an hour prior to the competitor's event. Lwts failing weigh-in will still race in their Lwt event however their score will not count toward medal recognition.

Novice Definition

Novices are those rowers in the first year of on-water rowing.


Individuals: not required to check in.
Teams: Coaches must check in 1.5 hours before their teams first event.
Lightweights: must weigh in one (1) hour prior to their event.


Warmup ergs are provided.