Chicago Indoor Rowing

Achieve Your Personal Best

Personal goals and improvement are more important than CIRC, US or World records. Many of our competitors show up year after year as they continue to improve their health by maintaining their fitness. CIRC wants to encourage and recognize their efforts.

CIRC Historical 2K Times by Competitor
Mens Historical 2K Times Womens Historical 2K Times

How to be recognized
All you need do is break your prior Personal Best 2K time as recognized:
• Prior CIRC time on the Menís / Womenís Historical 2K Times above or
Your Best 2K (with date) submitted on your Individual Registration or Team Entry form.
Whichever is faster.

Personal Best Age Re-set
Your Personal Best is re-set at every decade-break until you reach 50 after which it is reset every 5 years. . Ex. If you turned 40 by this year’s race, your time this year becomes your new Best to Beat.

If you establish a New Personal Best, bring it to the Awards Desk for recognition.