Relive CIRC 2015
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Open Challenge

643,500 Meters Rowed
40 Events
  51 Flights
411 Competitors
112 V/S/M/Open
178 Collegiate
95 Junior
22 Middle School
4 Adaptive

See Photos for all Medal Winners.

5 Record Challenge Winners
USA Record Broken
Paul Siebach: Veteran Lwt men (55/59) = 06:40.3
CIRC Records Broken
Louise Ann Miller: Veteran Women (60/64) = 08:07.5
Michael Robinson: Veteran M en (60/64) = 06:43.2
Sydney Taylor: Open Lwt Women (19/29) = 07:30.2
Fran Tuite: Veteran Lwt Women (55/59) = 07:50.6

3 Additional CIRC 2K Records Broken/Tied
Matt Doyle: 13-18 = 06:13.7
Hal Carlson: Veteran Lwt (60/64) = 07:16.3
Joshua Pfau: Open 500 = 01:20.2 (tied)

CIRC Adaptive Record Established
Adaptive 1000: Diana Helt: Trunk/Arms = 04:29.6

3 CIRC Event Records Broken
Junior 2K: Matt Doyle = 06:13.7
Collegiate Coxswain 1K: Josh Cohn = 03.29.7
Womenís Open Challenge: University of Illinois = 15:59.6

Illini Take Both Open Challenges

Womenís Division: Illini RC
New CIRC Event Record established
The Illini held the lead by 8.5 seconds over the University of Chicago going into the challenge relay. U of C battled back beating the Illini by 2.9 seconds in the relay but it was not enough to close the 8.5 second deficit. The Illini took the Open Challenge with a composite score of 15:59.6 over U of Cís composite score of 16.05.2 and in the process established a new Open Challenge Record and won the $250 Program Donation.

Menís Division: Illini RC
The Illini held a 9.8 second advantage over DePaul University going into the challenge relay and extended their lead in the relay to win with a composite score of 13:32.4 over DePaulís composite score of 14:01.6 and winning the Model D Erg with the new PM5 monitor.

North Suburban Crew & Chicago Training Center
Take Youth Challenge

Womenís Division: North Suburban Crew
Going into the Challenge Relay, NSC held a 24.7 second lead over CTC. CTC battled back beating the NSC by 12.5 seconds in the relay but it was not enough to close the deficit. The NSC took the Youth Challenge with a composite score of 18:24.5 over CTCís composite score of 18.36.7 and won the $250 Program Donation.

Menís Division: Chicago Training Center
Going into the Challenge Relay, CTC held a 45.0 second lead over Crystal Lake RC. CTC extended their lead to win the Youth Challenge with a composite score of 15:03.8 over CLRC composite score of 16:40.8 and won the $250 Program Donation

Fastest Relay
Although Y Quad Cities did not qualify for the Youth Challenge, they did field teams for the Relays. Their Women took medals for the fastest relay time of 08:48.8 and the Men did the same with a time of 07:27.0

48 Personal Bests Achieved
31 men
17 women

To Our Competitors / Coaches / Parents
CIRC continues to grow as a respected and anticipated annual event. This would not be possible without the enthusiastic support from the individual competitors, coaches, volunteers and parents. You made this a truly a pleasurable event to host.

CIRC Generates $15,135 in Support Givebacks
CIRC exists to support and encourage local indoor and on-water programs for all ages and levels of ability. Givebacks are part of the mission. These Givebacks support the Team CAP, CIRC Challenges and provide $8,000 toward programming.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our Volunteers

Allison Beringer
Montana Butsch/CTC
Mark Carroll
Linda Cushman
June Czerniawski
Rob DeCleene
Kevin Eatinger
Tom Hall
Brigid Leahy
Sean Lewis
Dr. Ed Melian
Jon Ramos
Craig Rojek
Peter Sharis
Ed Stover/Strata
Dr.Robert Syzman
Vince Zamora

A Special Thanks to Chicago State University
Especially to Dr. Robert J. Szyman and the CSU Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and their continuing efforts to involve students not only as volunteers but also exposing them to the world of adaptive athletics.

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