Chicago Indoor Rowing

What is Indoor Rowing?

Rowing teams as part of their training and conditioning regimen have traditionally used the Indoor Rower. The 'erg' -- as it is known to the rowing community -- became an American phenomenon when Concept 2 introduced their design in 1981. Recognized as a superb piece of equipment for a total body and cardiovascular workout, the Indoor Rower is now a staple in all progressive Health and Fitness Clubs across the US. Additionally, athletes and fitness aficionados are increasingly including the Indoor Rower as staple in their cross-training efforts.

The increased use of the Indoor Rower inevitably led to competitive events, the most famous of which is the annual CRASH-B (Charles River All-Star Has-Beens). This event attracts over 2000 competitors from around the world every February in Boston. Additionally, Concept 2 maintains a database of World Rankings of over 21,818 Indoor Rower competitors.

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