Compete from Your Home, Your Club, Your Gym,
From Chicago, Long Beach, New York, Sarasota, Berlin, Sydney
Actually from anywhere on the internet grid


How Live Works

RowPro/Digital Rowing: Shared Live

This is the fundamental online program we will use to compete head to head by Seed-Time regardless of gender. We will also use this program several times a year with CIRCLive Events and with our VCIRC Training Programs.

What you will need:

RowPro Program

All individual, Crew and Club licenses are 25% off (Coupon 78024213)
RowPro works with a wide range of computers and Concept2 monitors:
 - Works with Concept2 PM5, PM4 or PM3 Performance Monitors
 - Works with Windows 10+ or MacOS 10.12+
 - Connects to your Performance Monitor (PM) with a standard USB printer cable.  
 - Solid Internet Connection.


Create a free LogBook account on Concept2 *
PM3, 4 or PM5 Monitor can be used with RowPro**
USB connector Concept2-Part Number: 1496 ***
*Your race time will be uploaded to your Logbook from RowPro
**Be sure your Firmware is up-to-date. See Concept2 ”How to”
***Any USB Printer cable will work.

CIRCLive Practice Days:

Download the RowPro Trial and get comfortable using it. Call us with any questions. We will run multiple 4 min Practice Sessions giving everyone the opportunity to be comfortable with the program so you are prepared to achieve your Personal Best on Race Day.

The following CircLive Practice Sessions have been added to RowPro’s Oarbits Schedule. When you have purchased your RowPro license you can sign up for any Session.

Oarbits uses GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) for Scheduling
GMT is 5 hours ahead of CDT- Example: 8am Chicago 13:00 GMT

CIRCLive PS104: Sun April 7 4pm 4min Test
CIRCLive PS105: Tue April 9 8pm 4min Test
CIRCLive PS106: Thur April 11 8pm 4min Test

How Apps Work

Individuals and Teams can also compete in CircLive using the following Apps provided each athlete rows within the Approved Time and uploads their results immediately afterward to the Concept2 Logbook via the App.

Currently these Apps are approved:

What you will need:


Create a free LogBook account on Concept2 *
PM5 Monitor is ideal since these Apps interface with the monitors Bluetooth and Ant technology**
PM3/4: For Iphones: you will need the LiveRowing Connect interface.**
PM3/4: For Android ; you will need the Concept2 cable interface: Part # 2781.**

*Your race time will be uploaded to your Logbook from these Apps
**Be sure your Firmware is up-to-date. See Concept2 ”How to”

How Other Indoor Rowers Work

WaterRowers, NordicTrack, Hydrow, Proform, Viking
Any ergometer with a monitor is welcome at CircLive: The Personal Best Challenge. All you need is the ability to set the monitor to 2K and a Smartphone to record your final time to text immediately after your scheduled Race Slot.

Everyone Needs a 2K Seed Time

Your Seed Time is the best 2K done after 12/31/2016 and before April 1, 2019 and recorded by any one of the following:
PM3/4/5 Monitor with Verification code
Posted in your C2Logbook as verified
Established at a CIRC event
Recognized by any C2 Calendar Event
Verified by your team coach
Verified by your fitness coach
Verified by your husband, wife, partner, Dad or Mom

Embrace Your Pride

Don’t Have a Seed Time?

That’s all right. Race to establish one so you can go for a Personal Best Medal in 3 months. All who race to establish a valid Seed Time will automatically be seated in the PB Challenge 2 July 14, 2019

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