2015 Rowing Results
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Race Summary
Steven Atkins was within tenths of a second away from breaking the current record in the Arms & Shoulders (AS) race coming in at 2.10.9. In the Legs, Arm, Shoulder-VI race, Howard was improving on his 2014 time at a pace that put him 3.4 sec off the current record. The following competitors were within a 10 second striking distance from the current record holder.

Steven   Atkins (AS-Men) 0.2 sec off the record

Howard Wilson (LTA-VI-men) 3.4 sec off the record

David Neumer (TA-men) 5.5 sec off the record

Justin Jackson (LTA-PD men) 9.1 sec off the records

Trent   Smith (LTA-PTSD/TBI-men) 9.2 sec.off the record

Our heartfelt thanks to all our Volunteers:
with a special shoutout to Max Pinson and Simone Novinec from World Sport Chicago for their tireless efforts helping us on event day.
Heather Ahmad/BP Janice Beckmann/BP Amy Berner/BP Ray Champlin/BP
Robert DeCleene/CIRC Donna Dunavan Ryan Gach/BP Todd Gocken/CTC
Eileen Hurn/VA Javier Jurado/BP Debbie Martin/VA Mark Moore/BP
Ryan Sherrin/BP Jake Silvestri Emily  Sullivan/VA Karen  Williams/BP
Henry Yong Lillian Zhang

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