2014 Rowing Results
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Race Summary
Gwenn Lacy-Lowe and Deborah Jones were each within tenths of a second away from breaking the current record -3:04.0- in the Arms & Shoulders (AS) race coming in at 3:04.3 and 3:04.4 respectively. Their performance was followed by Jason Barbknecht (LTA-PD) who was 0.4sec off the current record. They are not the only competitors in this year’s rowing competition taking aim on the records. The following showed they are a challenge by being within a 10 second striking distance from the current record holder. In addition to Gwenn, Deborah and Jason, watch out for:

Menosha Thomas (TA) 7.7 sec off the record
Michael Grant (LTA-PTSD/TBI) 9.9 sec. off the record
Kevin Macdonald (LTA-PD) 9.1 sec off the records
Howard Wilson (LTA-VI) 5.7 sec. off the record

Our heartfelt thanks to all our Volunteers:

David Alvarez/CPD Belisa Alvelo/BP Marco Antonio/WSC Christine Armstrong/BP Bianca Bucio/CPD
Art Burns/BP Jason Choi/BP Beth Cook/BP Rich DuSatko/BP Richard Eliot/BP
Chris Flanagan/BP Tom Hall/LPBC Daniel Hermle/CPD Josie Humphreville/LPBC Chamika Jones/CPD
Henry Jong/WSC Retha Kimbrew/BP Trina Nally/BP Michael Nelson/WSC Diane O'Neal/CPD
Yolanda Paramore/BP Michael Ray/BP Sangya Reddy/BP Elaine Sabre/WSC Anna Simon/BP
Michael Smith/BP Shane Strack/BP Jeremy Strayer/BP Chuck Witler/BP